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4 Commercial Uses for Propane

4 commercial uses for propane

You may think of blowing up a child’s balloon at a birthday party when you hear propane, but this fuel source is an invaluable tool for commercial industries. Also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane is a popular alternative fuel source. It’s a clean-burning fuel that doesn’t release harmful toxins into the air, and it’s easy to install, maintain and transport.

The experts at Fisk Tank Carrier have created this quick start guide to walk you through four examples of the many commercial uses for propane. 

What Is Propane Used for Commercially?

Propane has dozens of commercial applications as an energy-efficient and clean-burning fuel. Four of the most common commercial propane uses include forklift fuel, printing press, metal melting and standby generators. 

1. Forklift Fuel

Propane is an economical and low-maintenance option for many commercial applications. It’s also a clean-burning fuel that gives off less harmful emissions than many traditional fuels, making it an excellent choice for forklifts. When a forklift needs to move in and out of a warehouse facility, it mustn’t release harmful toxins into the indoor environment. 

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2. Printing Press

The large-scale printing process needs to dry printing ink quickly once the jetting process is complete. Publishers often use hot propane gas to dry ink on various surfaces, including cellophane, aluminum foil, glassine and paper. Propane gas is also an excellent tool for burning off printing rolls.

3. Metal Melting

Propane can burn at extremely high temperatures of up to 1,980 degrees Celsius. It’s the most common form of LPG used by manufacturers in the metal burning process for aluminum, Monel, brass, bronze and many other metals. The manufacturers use propane in the stationery and tilting crucible furnaces. The gas is also helpful for melting jewelry like gold and silver in the furnace. 

4. Standby Generators

A propane standby generator is always ready in an emergency and automatically kicks in when the power goes out. Propane is easy and safe to store as a reliable fuel source, and it is a more efficient form of fuel than natural gas. You can have the propane tie into the primary propane tank at your business or have a separate, dedicated propane tank for your generator. 

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