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Improved Efficiency Allows CityServiceValcon More Daily Jobs

Image shows truck for hauling propane tanks with yellow cab that says CityServiceValcon, gray storage boxes and white Liftmoore crane sitting on grass with mountains in the background.

Functional storage and optimal hauling capacity make a difference to propane marketers, and for James Paul it isn’t any different. He has filled almost every role for CityServiceValcon in his thirteen years with the growing company. This experience gives him knowledge of what makes propane delivery efficient.

Storage with Purpose

Paul and the company got their first Fisk truck in 2018. They liked it so much, they have purchased about one a year ever since.

Comparing his Fisk truck to what they had previously, Paul says “These trucks are heavier duty. The way the toolboxes are laid out is way more efficient. I don’t have to go from one side to another. They are all on one side for us. And as far as storage goes, it’s way more efficient. It’s not just a big box that you have to adapt to. The thing I like about the shelving is it’s all modular. It’s not just one shelf and that’s all you get. You can make room if you need to move things.”

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Efficient Process

This shelving has helped Paul improve his work flow during the day. “I like the overall layout of the toolboxes. If I’m plumbing, I’m at the 2nd door with my vice and fittings there. I don’t have to walk to different areas of the truck. And if I’m cutting gas line, that’s in another box. My fittings to tie lines together are in a separate box, as well.”

“Overall, the layout keeps it efficient. I’ve been here long enough that I have a process. That layout of the boxes helps me keep that process centered. If I get interrupted, I can go back to what I was doing, and not have to start over.”

Image shows an open storage box on the side of a Fisk tank carrier propane truck.  Inside are straps.
Image shows the inside of a storage box on a Fisk propane tank truck. The inside of the storage box has shelves and a vice mounted on the top of metal drawers.

Hauling Capacity

CityServiceValcon is based in Kalispell, MT and serves 6,000 customers in that region that are at the valley floor. However, they also have 30-40% of their customers in the ranges around the Flathead Valley, going up to 8,000 feet altitude. Some of the terrain can be difficult to go through.

Image shows a drawer of a Fisk tank carrier truck pulled out and each compartment labeled and filled with propane tank setting tools.
Image shows a vice mounted on the back of a Fisk propane truck with mountains in the background

Having more hauling capacity on the truck bed has allowed CityServiceValcon to schedule more jobs in a day. With their Fisk TX-2, they can carry two tanks comfortably on the truck – both a 500 gal and a 1,000 gal tank.

“Before we used to only schedule 3 jobs a day. Now we schedule 4-6 jobs per day,” says Paul.

Image shows a Fisk Tank Carrier propane truck with a white liftmoore stick boom.  The truck has a yellow cab and silver metal rails on the bed, it is sitting on grass with a large propane tank and trees in the background.

A Favorite Feature

In addition to the hauling capacity, Paul appreciates the extra tie down on the bed. Their most recent truck has nine tie downs, instead of eight.

“With the bed itself, because I do more of the commercial stuff, having the one extra tie-down to where they are spread evenly along the bed, makes it easier for me to tie down even the heavier stuff, so the weight distribution is even.”

Reach Tough Locations

Paul talks about his newest truck. “With what we do it is nicer to have that long wheel base.

Image shows a yellow cab propane truck with CItyServiceValcon logo on the side and a stick boom.  It is sitting on the grass in front of a large propane tank.

The weight is evenly distributed, so it makes the trucks get around really well. The length of truck seems more helpful than challenging.”

The ability of the truck to get around is just as helpful as having a crane that can get in tough spots.

Having a larger crane, allows the company to service and reach tanks they couldn’t before with their old crane. Paul describes going to pick up a tank from a customer who doesn’t use it anymore. The narrow property was on a lake, and the tank was near a garage. Paul had no problem accessing the tank, and then moved on to the next job.

Moving Billboard

Paul appreciates the value a new truck brings to his team and the company. He comments, “Because we are a growing company, it’s important to have the newer trucks that gives that image.” Paul realizes that a truck is a representation of your company and its values. It’s a moving billboard whether people realize it or not.

Moving Forward

“I think you build a really amazing product. It’s set up really well,” says Paul.

CityServiceValcon currently has offices in Montana, Idaho and Washington. They plan to expand into a new market soon and will get another truck for that area.

“Communication with the Fisk team is great. Dan called to talk about an issue on the crane just now! I’ve been able to communicate through email on getting parts, too.”

Paul concludes, “You guys have been awesome! Five stars to you guys from me. I’ve had zero complaints.”

Image shows the driver side of a Fisk Tank Carrier TX-2 with all of the side storage boxes open.  It has a Liftmoore stick boom on it and a white cab and white overcab box.

TX-2 Features

  • 14′ All aluminum bed
  • Headache and side rack with various E-track placements
  • Double and triple storage door compartments
  • Under body storage compartment
  • L.E.D. lighting and adjustable spotlight
  • Step bumper
  • Liftmoore boom