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Outrigger pad – Composite 24 inch


(1)  24″ x 24″ x 2″ Composite Outrigger Pad

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24 x 24 Outrigger Pads

Having the right pads for your outriggers can help stabilize your equipment and boost job site safety for your workers. They also play an important role in preventing the outriggers from sinking into or damaging the ground.

At Fisk Tank Carrier, we have heavy-duty 24 x 24 outrigger pads. Explore the product details below.

Durable Composite Outrigger Pads

The plastic outrigger pads from Fisk are 24 inches long, 24 inches tall and 2 inches thick. They are composite and highly durable. Businesses can invest in two outrigger pads for a complete set.

The 24 x 24 pads are designed for easy use and feature a red handle to simplify maneuverability and handling. Each pad weighs 36 pounds and can effectively keep your outriggers in place without sinking or sliding.

Without the right outrigger pads, your equipment could risk tipping over, which could result in serious injury and damage. Businesses should invest in the right size pads to avoid undue harm.

We’re here to ensure you get the right size outrigger pads in a high-quality and long-lasting material. Keep your cranes secure with the help of composite outrigger pads from Fisk Tank Carrier.

Order 24 x 24 Outrigger Pads From Fisk Tank Carrier Now

Since the 1980s, Fisk has provided businesses like yours with custom propane trucks, trailers and parts to help supercharge their operations and stay safe.

Our expert customer service team can help determine if these 24 x 24 outrigger pads are right for your equipment.

Order outrigger pads from Fisk Tank Carrier now!

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 2 in