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NEW Fisk DOT TRUCK Exemption Strap – Set of 2


You need to transport propane safely and securely. Our exemption strap allows you to do so. With our propane tank straps, you can transport tanks with up to 500-gallon capacities back to the plant. Learn more about our propane tank strap’s design.



Propane Tank Straps

The transportation of propane tanks is closely regulated to prevent accidents and reduce hazards. Our exemption strap is sold as a two-strap set with four positions, ranging from 120 gallons to more than 500 gallons. You can use the strap to transport tanks up to 80% capacity.

Please note that you need to apply for and be granted an exemption before you use the straps.

Benefits of Propane Tank Straps

Our propane tank straps are crucial for compliance with DOT transportation exemption requirements. The straps have a steel D-ring, which allows for a steel-on-steel attachment. They also have sleeves that protect the legs of a propane tank from wear and tear.

Propane Tank Strap Material Information

  • Length: 156 inches
  • Weight: 2.862 pounds
  • Load Limit: 2,480 pounds
  • Available positions: 120 gallons, 250 to 350 gallons, 500 gallons,  over 500 gallons

To use the straps and comply with exemption regulations, you need to use crane trucks to put the propane tanks on saddles. The tank trailer also needs to provide rear impact protection.

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Additional information

Weight 6.98 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 in