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Trailer – Load Hugger Set of 2


Assembled Set includes:

  • 2 – 11 foot straps
  • 2 – Double loop straps
  • 2 – Ratchets for straps


Load Hugger Straps

The right load hugger straps are essential for safe and secure transport. At Fisk Tank Carrier, you can get a set of heavy-duty straps specifically for your propane tank service business’s needs.

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Highly Durable Load Hugger Ratchet Straps

The load hugger straps from Fisk Tank Carrier are lightweight and highly durable. They are the ideal ratchet straps to carefully lift and secure propane tanks for transport and logistics operations.

When your operation needs to load tanks or other related equipment, the load hugger ratchet straps from Fisk are a leading choice.

The assembled load hugger strap set is complete with two 11-foot straps, two double loop straps and two ratchets. These sets weigh 6.18 pounds and feature metal ratchet mechanisms that let you easily tighten and fasten the strap with an effortless pull.

Each strap is made of hugger polyester, a material known for its extreme strength and longevity. Your business can use these straps repeatedly with peace of mind.

Order Load Securement Equipment From Fisk Now

When your business needs high-quality load hugger ratchet straps, turn to the selection from Fisk Tank Carrier. We have a wide selection of custom trailers, trucks and parts to streamline your operation and enhance transportation safety.

As a leading industry expert, Fisk understands the challenges of hoisting, securing and hauling tanks. Our products have your business covered.

Order this set of load hugger ratchet straps from Fisk now!

Additional information

Weight 6.18 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7 × 4.5 in