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Left Hand Torsion Axle Assembly

Transporting propane requires stability on all types of roads, including smooth and rough terrains. The heavy and flammable content should remain secure when the trailer crosses bumps. At Fisk Tank Carrier, we provide torsion axles that absorb shocks and keep your vehicle and trailer on the road. Our team supplies durable parts that improve a trailer’s performance, helping drivers reach their destinations with everything intact.

A torsion axle allows for better trailer handling, as these durable axles minimize a trailer’s sway and bounce. These axles are designed with the suspension system as part of the axle, and they will endure tough terrain as we bolt them securely to the underside of the trailer frame.

Torsion Axle Kit Features

Enjoy a smoother ride with a torsion axle under your trailer. With this torsion axle kit, you can securely bolt the torsion axle directly onto the trailer frame. The torsion axle consists of a hollow square tube. We insert a sturdy inner bar and four rubber cords inside the tube to keep the bar in place. Our trailer axle assembly kit weighs 116 pounds and measures 21 X 17 X 14 inches.

Purchase a Left Hand Torsion Axle Kit Today

Enjoy all the benefits a torsion axle offers on the open road with a Fisk Tank Carrier axle kit. Offering propane products since the 1980s, you can confidently trust in our expertise to deliver durable torsion axle solutions. Add a torsion axle to your cart now, or contact us online if you have any questions about our offerings. You can also check out our right-hand torsion axle kit.

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Weight 116 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 14 in