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Propane Knuckle Boom Truck – TX-1

Innovation meets function and versatility in the Fisk Tank Carrier TX-1.

Fisk developed this truck specifically for the propane tank installation and service industry.  The TX-1 delivers everything you need with its combination of durability and intelligent design. For decades, Fisk has proudly manufactured its propane boom trucks in the USA using only first-rate parts and materials.

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White TX1 Knuckle Boom Truck Advantages

Advantages of Knuckle Boom Service Trucks

Knuckle boom trucks offer the ability to place items with precision thanks to their maneuverability, and the design’s versatility and articulation make it an ideal choice for working in tighter spaces. Fisk designed the TX-1 for one-person operation with a high load capacity.

White knuckleboom truck with a trailer on the back
White service boom truck with storage shelves and a crane

Features of the TX-1

The TX-1 custom knuckle boom truck comes configured as follows:

  • 14’ All-aluminum bed with high pressure composite decking
  • Headache rack with rail placement at 20#, 33# and 100# positions
  • Easy-up staircase on the passenger side
  • Easy-up ladder on driver side
  • Betts LED lighting with backup beeper and adjustable spotlight
  • Towing hitch and trailer light plug
  • Mudflaps and holders
  • Aluminum wheel chocks and holder
  • 20-pound A,B,C, fire extinguisher
  • Electronic PTO and pump installed
  • New D.O.T. exemption-ready aluminum tank saddles with non-marking bumpers

The close up details of Fisk knuckleboom trucks with cranes

Storage Options

The TX-1 comes standard with plenty of storage, and all of its toolboxes contain LED lighting so you can spot what you need in poor light conditions:

  • 60” X 54” X 12 ½” Double door compartment: Adjustable shelves and stainless steel fitting station with ball bearing roll out vice and four customizable fitting drawers.
  • 70” X 30” X 12 ½” Triple door compartment: The first two doors have adjustable shelves and dividers to customize storage. The last door is open for larger cargo.
  • Two block carrier compartments: Passenger side compartment carries eight 4” x 8” x 16” blocks. The larger driver side compartment carries eight 4” x 8” x 30” blocks.


Once you’ve decided to purchase your propane service truck with a boom, trust Fisk to deliver a product that lasts. Reach out to our friendly sales team for a free quote.

Bed and Boom Design

The TX-1 comes standard with an aluminum bed to resist the rust that affects its steel-bedded counterparts. High-quality composite decking provides an easy-to-maintain no-skid surface for your hauling needs. To meet the hauling demands of high-volume operations, the TX-1 has a bed big enough to accommodate two 1,000-gallon tanks with independent tie downs and all eight legs resting securely on the bed surface.

Fisk manufactures the TX-1 standard with an 082-3 HIAB boom. Although it closes into a small footprint, the HIAB has extended reach to allow you to place tanks precisely. This boom’s compactness and lighter weight provide more room for your payload to maximize your profit. Don’t let its small size fool you — this powerful boom can set 500-gallon tanks at 30 feet or place a 1,000-gallon tank out to 21 feet.

Safety and Security

Rest assured that your freight will stay in its place with the E-Track tie-down system attached to the upright railings. E-Track is a leader in cargo security, and the provided straps support applicable weight limits. Fisk also includes nine 5,000-pound D-ring tie-downs spaced perfectly for 500- and 1,000-gallon tank sizes.

Hauling propane requires careful risk management. The open-top design of the TX-1 ensures adequate ventilation. You’ll also find folding D.O.T. placards on each of the four sides to keep you compliant with regulations and prevent costly fines. The Thieman 2,000-pound fold-under lift gate makes loading cargo safer and easier. Your back will also appreciate the ladder and stairs that prevent injury risk from jumping in and out of the truck bed.

Customization Options

Fisk offers multiple options for you to personalize your propane knuckle boom trucks. Available choices include:

  • Custom bumpers: Advertise your business as you roll by adding your name, logo and even backlighting.
  • Helpful tools: Prevent additional trips by installing air compressors, vices or pumps right into your storage compartments.
  • Extra safety components: Add a backup camera with 360-degree views or a specialty rack to keep safety cones handy.
  • Flex riser boxes: Prevent risers from taking up valuable cargo space with this smart storage solution.

View the additional options below for more on the features we can add to your customized propane service truck.

Krug Pump Tool Box

Krug Pump

The Fisk Krug Pump is a time saver, imagine not having to call for a bobtail to come transfer your product from one tank to the other. Saving you time and money allowing you to set more tanks.

back view of truck bed

Custom Side Racks

If you’re hauling smaller propane tanks the fold down side racks are a great option. Keep your products tight and secure. Other options are a standard rail with no folding as well as a small rail WITH fold down options. Contact us today to customize the railing to your companies work flow.

red durkin truck back

Beaver Tail

Fisk offers a fold up beaver tail lift-gate as an option for companies interested in a beaver tail style lift-gate. **NOTE** Beaver-tail limits hauling of 1,000 gallon tanks

fisk anderson propane services

Custom Fenders

Our custom stainless steel fenders allow you to place your company logo, or name across the right and left fenders of your new truck. With option to have a back-lite.

riser boxes maintx 1

Flex Riser Boxes

Keep your risers safe, secure & not taking up any valuable storage space.

custom dodge bumper winch

Front Winch

Optional Front winch for both diesel and propane converted trucks

backup 2 fisk

Back Up Camera

Safety is on everyone’s mind in the propane industry. The safety of the home and business owners will not be jeopardized as you can now see a 360 degree of your propane boom truck

both outrigger pads dica

Outrigger Pads

Stuck in the mud?! Not any more, with two options of Outrigger pads. Aluminum and hard plastic outrigger pads keep you truck a-float. Keep your tank setting on a stable platform.

truck cone holder

Cone Holder

Safety is a priority when you are maneuvering 1,000 gallon tanks. By adding a cone holder you save storage space while still keeping all your safety equipment stored away.

tx2 propane conversion

Propane Conversion

Fisk propane conversion offers superior saving to our conventional diesel trucks with a gas engine converted to run on propane.

Fisk Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Add to your mobile office with a convenient air compressor inside your TX-1 toolbox.

Anderson Propane Services light

Light Package

Not only does Fisk offer custom fenders, but also the option to light up your logo or company name.