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Which Industries Use the Most Propane?

Which Industries Use the Most Propane

Propane plays a vital role in daily life. While consumer usage makes up most end-user sales, commercial customers also depend on the product. Three primary economic sectors contribute to the global propane market size.

1. Agriculture

Propane has many uses for the farming community, including:

  • Heating: The gas is a heat source for greenhouses and livestock.
  • Powering pumps and farm equipment: Many farmers use propane as a fuel source for irrigation pumps. Propane-powered tractors and farm equipment are popular due to fuel affordability and low maintenance costs.
  • Controlling weeds and pests: Propane flame weeding provides an organic alternative to herbicides. These same heat sources also make the environment unfriendly to plant pests, effectively driving them away.

The majority of propane used in agriculture is for drying crops. This is especially true for corn and other grains, with 80% of drying machinery relying on propane. Farmers choose it because it’s crop-friendly and easier to store than traditional fuels.

2. Manufacturing and Industry

The manufacturing sector — and petrochemicals in particular — also consume significant amounts of propane. The fuel is ideal for on-demand heat in applications like soldering and metal melting. In the petrochemical sector, propane helps make plastic bags, rubber, nylon and more. 

Aside from propane’s value as part of manufacturing processes, many facilities rely on it for building heat or backup power. It’s also a powerful coolant. Manufacturers today use propane as a more environmentally friendly option for refrigerators and air conditioners alike.

3. Transportation and Logistics

In the U.S., 26% of all energy is used for transportation, and part of that portion is propane. The fuel is an eco-friendly and affordable choice for fleets and vehicles. Propane-powered forklifts are common in warehouses because of their clean-burning and fuel-efficient nature.

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