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About Us

Columbus, WI. Photo by Travel Wisconsin

Fisk Tank Carrier offers propane tank service and installation trailers and trucks. Located in Columbus, WI, we carefully design each trailer or truck to match each customer’s needs and improve efficiency for better results.

With cutting-edge technology, superior quality, and the same customer service our founder offered 150 years ago, Fisk strives to meet and exceed customer expectations. Read below to learn more about Fisk Tank Carrier’s history.


Griffith D. Roberts (right) in front of the original building.

Five Generations of Roots

Fisk Tank Carrier is a member of the G.D. Roberts & Co., Inc. family. In 1870, G.D. Roberts began as a blacksmith shop in Columbus, WI. The proprietor was Griffith David Roberts, who had started as a blacksmith in Wales. He purchased the shop on East James Street in Columbus and eventually passed the business on to his son. Generations later, the business is owned by Nathan Roberts, the 5th-generation owner of this metal manufacturing company.

George D. Roberts with Fisk trailers

The Beginning

Fisk Tank Carrier began as a manufacturer of propane tank service and installation trailers in Fisk, Wisconsin. George D. Roberts, 4th generation owner of G.D. Roberts, brought the company to Columbus, WI. He began taking his trailers to tradeshows across the country. He turned production of 12 units a year into more than 50.

Fisk Tank Carrier’s first truck

A New Adventure

When Nathan became owner, he added the propane truck line to the Fisk trailers. With a degree in industrial design, Nathan saw an opportunity to move beyond trailers. Fisk built their first propane tank truck and never looked back.

A second building was recently added, doubling capacity.

Growing, and Growing Fast

Since building that first truck, the company has added three more truck styles to the truck lineup. The company moved out of the old building on East James Street and into a new facility with 62,000 ft². In 2019, they added a second building and doubled their capacity to 125,000 ft² with six bays.

Employee photo during the summer picnic in 2022.

Promise for the Future

From engineers and designers to welders and quality control, Fisk brings expertise in all areas. In recent years the company has grown from 10 employees to over 100, and gained the capability to serve the propane industry for years to come.