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Trucks built for the propane industry

Built out of light-weight aluminum and a strong steel sub-frame, this body is made to last. With a plethora of options available, the TX-2 can be made to suit the demands of an everyday service person, yet still be an efficient, reliable tank setting machine.


14’ X 8’ x 4”  All aluminum bed
With composite top and cross members on 12” centers.  Nine 6000# D-ring tie-downs, spaced at 1000gal and 500gal on down placements.  Bed can carry up to two tanks, each independently strapped down in their own tie downs, with legs resting on the bed.

Headache  rack with rail placement at 20#, 33# and 100# positions

E-Track tie down system on all up-right rails

Folding D.O.T. placard on all four sides

Betts L.E.D. lighting with backup beeper and adjustable spot light

Step bumper towing hitch and trailer light plug

Mud flaps and holders

Aluminum wheel chock holder and wheel chocks

20 lb. A.B.C. fire extinguisher

Four tank tie down straps
Two E-track straps, 500gal on down lifting sling, 1000gal lifting sling

4064-30 Liftmoore  boom
Will set a 1000gal tank 21’ and a 500gal tank 30’, with wireless FM remote and hydraulic out and down outriggers

Electronic PTO and pump installed

Two new D.O.T. exemption ready aluminum tank saddles with non-marking bumpers

304 stainless steel fenders


Click on image to download a pdf file of the TX-2 features and benefits

60” X 54” X 12 ½ “ double door compartment
First door can be divided into three spaces by lateral shelves. Second Door has fitting station with two top shelves for large and small regulators. Ball bearing and four ball bearing roll out fitting drawers that can be divided into four spaces each.

70” X 30” X 12 ½ “ Triple door compartment
The first two doors have adjustable shelves and dividers, to customize storage.
The last door is open for larger cargo.

One 60” X 18” X 18 “ under body compartment

All tool boxes have L.E.D. lights in them for work after hours.

Two block carrier compartments
One right, one left that carry eight 4” x 8” x 16”.
A larger compartment in front carries eight 4” x 8” x 32”.

Check out the video below of the FISK TX-2

Back up Camera

Safety is on everyone’s mind in the propane industry. The safety of the home and business owners will not be jeopardized as you can now see a 360 degree of your propane boom truck.

Upgrade Staircase


Most injuries happen when enter or accessing the bed of a truck. Built for younger and ageing technicians alike. The side stair case and rear ladder allow for quick access to the bed without taking up valuable room.

Krug Pump Tool Box

Kurg Pump

The Fisk Krug Pump is a time saver, image not having to call for a bobtail to come transfer your product from one tank to the other. Saving you time and money allowing you to set more tanks.

Fold Down Side Racks

If you’re hauling smaller propane tanks the fold down side racks are a great option. Keep your products tight and secure. Other options are a standard rail with no folding as well as a small rail WITH fold down options. Contact us today to customize the railing to your companies work flow.

Custom Fender

Personalize your Fisk truck to match your company. Have your company logo or name be cut into our stainless steel fenders.

Beaver Tail

Fisk offers a fold up beaver tail lift-gate as an option for companies interested in a beaver tail style lift-gate. **NOTE** Beaver-tail limits hauling of 1,000 gallon tanks

Light Package

Don’t let a sunset hamper your marketing efforts. Back-lite logo allows you to continue standing out!

TX-2 upgrade Riser Box

Flex Riser Box

Store your risers in our custom riser boxes.

cone holder

Convenient, safe, space saving cone storage system.

tx-2 larsen propane truck conversion

Propane Conversion

Start using your propane to power your new Fisk TX-1. Trucks getting the conversion are gas powered (diesel is stock) and converted to also run on propane. Liquid or Vapor conversion.

Fisk Air Compressor

Air Compressor

No need for a separate compressor to test the pressure from the tank to house and building. Our Air compressor upgrade fits neatly inside the tool box with plenty of extra space.

Outrigger Pads

Keep your outriggers out of the dirt, mud and sandy soil with some outrigger pads. Fisk offers two options alumium and hard plastic outrigger pads. Also available in our Fisk Store