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EZ-HD Hauler Propane Tank Trailer

Fisk EZ-HD Hauler allows you to pick up, move, and position your tanks all from the back. The Fisk team has taken the design of the FISK EZ-HD Hauler to a new level based on all of our customizable features. Imagine more tank sets per day, with your drivers spending less time in the field. That means more money in your pocket.

The Fisk EZ-HD Hauler can lift, transport and set above ground and underground tanks ranging from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons. The EZ-HD comes with a powder-coated frame to deter rust in all possible locations.

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FISK EZ-HD Hauler Propane Tank Trailer

The back end of a heavy duty propane trailer from FiskA gray propane transport trailer from Fisk parked outsideA black propane trailer from Fisk carrying a large propane tankA Fisk propane transport tailer with an add-on D.O.T. exemptions bumper systemFeatures of the Propane Transport Trailer

The EZ-HD Hauler has several standard features already built into the design, including:

  • A powerful dual-drum electric winch for level lifting.
  • A paint-saving pulley rail system that is easy to adjust for various LP tank sizes.
  • Safe and easy one-person operation.
  • New structural, streamlined “bunk free” design.
  • Removable side panels conceal winches and tank apparatus and provide advertising space.
  • Enclosed fenders and mudflaps.
  • D.O.T. electric brakes, lighting system and hitch.
  • Adjustable hitch for bumper heights and ball sizes.
  • Extended tank rollers prevent tank scratching.
  • Separate battery and toolbox.
  • Collapsible model for multiple orders and container shipment.

Plus, we now have several new features included with our propane tank trailer, such as:

  • NEW Standard stainless steel fenders, boxes and side panels
  • NEW D.O.T. exemption kit available
  • NEW Dual winch model available
  • NEW Wireless remote kit available

The EZ-HD Hauler also has the advantage of a shorter backup turning radius and a smooth ride suspension system. All of the wirings are enclosed to protect them from damage and weathering as well. It has a guarded tail light along with L.E.D. side marker lights. With all of these features plus our customization options, you can pick up and set up to 500-gallon empty tanks right “off-the-tail.”

Propane Trailer Specifications and Dimensions

Dive into the specifics of the EZ-HD Hauler below to see everything else in store:

  • Outside width: 9′ 3/8″
  • Height: 7″
  • Length: 20′ 8″
  • Hitch to fender: 14′10″
  • Weight: 2020 lbs
  • Axles: 7,000 lbs cap
  • Tires: 7.50 X 16lt, 8 Pl
  • Inside clearance: 50″
  • Winch capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • Operation: One-person
  • Lifting capacity: 6,000 lbs
  • Loaded tank ground clearance: 25″
  • Brakes: Electric
  • Straps: Two 10,000 lbs
  • Hitch: Adjustable ball size with wheel jack
  • D.O.T. Lighting: Electrical, fully-wired
  • Divided drum winch: 12 V
  • Auxiliary: 12 V
  • Battery: Not furnished

360 Degree Rotation

Start using your Fisk Trailer as a one-person setting operation. The lifting and maneuverability allow for servicing your tanks with ease. You can replace blocks, inspect problem areas and more in our single-operator Fisk trailers.

Add-On D.O.T. Ready Bumper Kit

The Fisk D.O.T. exemption bumper system provides the ability to transport up to a full tank back to your bulk plant. 100% compliant with D.O.T. regulations. This system only fits the Fisk EZ-HD Hauler.

Kits are available on existing units. Bumpers are in stock. Pick one up today!

Custom Propane Transport Trailer Options

While our EZ-HD Hauler comes with numerous standard features, we also have various customizable options to choose from. Make your trailer designed to fit your exact needs with any of the following options.

Dual Winch

When you add a second winch to your trailer, you can speed up set times. It also allows for a larger lifting capacity.

Setting Block Carrier

Add this setting block carrier to make it easier to store these items when you aren’t using them. Since they have a designated spot, you’ll always know right where to find them when you need them.

Wireless Remote

Make maneuvering the trailer even easier with a wireless remote. You can move about your trailer using this remote rather than being tied to a singular place.

Charging Kit

Installing a wire harness allows you to connect the battery for your trailer to your vehicle. This way, you can keep a steady charge without having to worry about a separate system.

block carrierfinal red

Setting Block Carrier

Need more storage space? I think we can all agree that there is never enough space to store equipment. Place your tank setting blocks in this optional block carrier.

Dual winch motors on a propane service trailer

Dual Winch

Adding a second winch allows for quicker set times, and increased lifting capacity.

charging kit fisk trailer

Charging Kit

Add a wire harness to connect your trailer battery to your vehicle to keep a consistent charge.

blue remote 2

Wireless Remote

*NEW wireless remote option for both the single and dual winch Fisk propane tank trailers!

Side view of trailer DOT exemption bumper system

EZ-HD Bumper System

Add the DOT required Bumper system to your EZ-HD propane tank hauling trailer.
*trailer shown not included
**fits only Fisk EZ-HD trailer

Why Choose Propane Transport Trailers From Fisk?

Fisk Tank Carrier has been open and working with people in the propane industry since the 1980s. Over our decades of experience, we have learned how to build the best heavy-duty propane service trailers and trucks. Our ultimate goal is to find a way to make your job easier and more efficient, which we’ve accomplished with our standard and customizable features.

We offer personalized customer service. Our teams will sit down with you and talk about your requirements and specifications. We will help you determine which features will be most beneficial for you on your EZ-HD Hauler to maximize your business’s profit. Each propane trailer for sale is assembled in the United States and comes with a warranty for additional peace of mind. With our myriad of choices, we can assist you in designing the propane tank trailer you need.

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For the last several decades, we’ve made it our job to find the right propane tank trailers for our clients. Our teams will work with you to discover which of our standard and customizable features will benefit your business. You can make an upgrade to a wireless remote, add the bumper system to our EZ-HD Hauler and more.

Fisk Tank Carrier is ready to help you realize your business needs. Contact us online today for a free quote or more information about the EZ-HD Hauler.