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EZ-HD Hauler

Lift, Strap & GO!

The Fisk propane tank  trailer uses a structurally streamlined, “Bunk Free” design to provide a safe and easy one person operation. It is capable of lifting, transporting and setting above ground and underground tanks ranging from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons.

The EZ-HD tank trailer comes standard with stainless steel fenders, boxes and side panels as well as a powder coated frame to deter rust in all possible locations.

  • Powerful dual split drum electric winch for level lifting
  • Designed for above ground & underground LP tanks
  • Lifts, transports & sets 120-1,000 gallon LP tanks
  • Pickup & set up to 500 gallon empty tanks “off-the-tail” in our patented 360 Degree rotating tail hoist.
  • paint saving pulley rail system easier to adjust for various LP tank sizes
  • enclosed wiring allows for extra security and protection.
  • removable side panels conceal winch & tank apparatus as well as great marketing for your company
  • enclosed fenders and mud flaps

Fisk is the ONLY trailer that allows for hauling a full 500 gallon tank

Stock Propane Trailer Options Include:
Single Winch
Stainless Steel Fenders & Boxes
Custom Powder Coat Color Choice
Wired Remote

360 Degree Rotation

Start using your Fisk Trailer as a one man setting operation. With our patented lifting tail you can lift 5% full 500 gallon tank. This lifting and maneuverability allows for servicing you tanks with ease. Pant, replace blocks, inspect problem areas ALL in a one man operated Fisk trailer!

Add on Bumper System

DOT Ready Bumper Kit

The Fisk DOT exemption bumper system provides the ability to transport up to a full 500 gallon tank back to you bulk plant. 100% compliant with DOT regulations.


(does not fit Fisk EZ-Hauler)

Kits are available on existing units. Bumpers in stock, pick one up today!

Upgrade Options

Setting Block Carrier

Need more storage space? I think we can all agree that there is never enough space to store equipment. Place your tank setting blocks in this optional block carrier.

Dual Winch

Adding a second winch allows for quicker set times, and increased lifting capacity.

Charging Kit

Add a wire harness to connect your trailer battery to your vehicle to keep a consistent charge.

Wireless Remote

*NEW wireless remote option for both the single and dual winch fisk EZ-HD trailers!

EZ-HD Bumper System

Add the DOT required Bumper system to your EZ-HD propane tank hauling trailer.
*trailer shown not included
**fits only Fisk EZ-HD trailer