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Industry-Leading Propane Installation Trucks and Trailers

Since the 1980’s, Fisk Tank Carrier has been an expert in custom trucks and trailers for propane tank service and installation. Becoming an industry leader takes dedication, commitment, and experience. Fisk brings those values to life with high-quality truck bodies and parts, trailers, and customized solutions.

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Fisk Builds Truck Bodies and Propane Tank Trailers
That Stand the Test of Time

Fisk’s team of engineers boasts experience spanning decades.
Their innovative designs offer versatility, power, and durability
that drive your competitive advantage.

We proudly manufacture all Fisk truck bodies in the USA with first-rate parts. Unlike their steel counterparts, Fisk’s aluminum beds resist corrosion without coating or painting, so your truck looks and performs better for longer. Aluminum has significantly less mass than steel, which means you maximize your payload for proceeds. Additionally, since aluminum is also easier on the chassis, it reduces stress on engines, brakes, and tires to result in maintenance savings, and the lower weight delivers better fuel efficiency to save you cash at the pump.

Fisk trailers are perfect for pull-behind operation and provide the function and durability required for demanding tank-setting jobs. The trailers feature powder-coated stainless steel in your choice of colors and easily handle tanks up to 1,000 gallons. Smooth-ride suspension systems offer a steady and even hauling experience, and the powerful two-drum electric winching system is always ready for duty.

Rear View of FISK TX1 White Propane Tank Truck

Choose from a selection of our high quality aluminum, dependable, propane tank trucks. Fisk TX-1 with knuckle boom, Fisk TX-2 with stick boom & our custom truck bodies.

FISK Propane Hauling Trailers

Fisk propane hauling trailers allow for simple cost effective one man hauling and setting, with unmatched quality and features.

Cylinder upright sling, track straps, placards, x-saddle sets, and load hugger set of 2

The Fisk online store has all your propane setting accessory needs  from propane trucks & propane trailers. Propane tank lifting slings, propane regulators to winch motor kits & 1075 placard sets. Featuring our patented aluminum Fisk Tank Jack. Download our Propane Hub Brochure

Fisk Tank Carrier — Your Propane Profit Hauler

Our Trucks Offer Maximum Return on Investment

Your Fisk Tank Carrier is more than a mobile advertisement for your business — it’s your supply room, field office and toolbox, too. In addition to money-saving aluminum beds, our truck body designs offer plentiful storage. You’ll find bins for small parts, lighting for those nighttime call-outs or an optional convenient place to stash safety cones. We can even help you convert your propane tank truck engine from gasoline to propane, saving you more by using your existing product for fuel.

We Customize Designs to Fit Your Needs

Not every job is the same, so why should every truck body be? For many companies, a custom propane tank service and installation truck is the ideal choice. Your truck needs to work with your processes and setup to help you achieve your most efficient performance. Our experts will provide individualized attention to every detail to ensure you find the best solution for your business needs. We’ll walk you through the process step by step as a partner.