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The ONLY propane truck on the market capable of carrying (2) 1,000 gallon tanks with all 4 sets of legs on its 14 foot bed, the TX-1 model was designed to be used as an everyday work horse.


NEW for 2016 is a solid, durable and sleek looking composite decking. After undergoing several test we found that compared to our previous decking option the composite decking has the longest life and supports even the toughest abuse!


This unit utilizes a stable knuckle boom crane, that is centrally located behind the cab on your choice of chassis. The TX-1 comes standard with a tuck-under lift-gate that still utilizes a towing package to make this a truck that has capabilities to be used in every situation.

TX-1 Propane Truck Knuckle Boom Set Range


Krug Pump Tool Box

Krug Pump

The Fisk Krug Pump is a time saver, imagine not having to call for a bobtail to come transfer your product from one tank to the other. Saving you time and money allowing you to set more tanks.

Custom Side Racks

If you’re hauling smaller propane tanks the fold down side racks are a great option. Keep your products tight and secure. Other options are a standard rail with no folding as well as a small rail WITH fold down options. Contact us today to customize the railing to your companies work flow.

Beaver Tail

Fisk offers a fold up beaver tail lift-gate as an option for companies interested in a beaver tail style lift-gate. **NOTE** Beaver-tail limits hauling of 1,000 gallon tanks

Custom Fenders

Our custom stainless steel fenders allow you to place your company logo, or name across the right and left fenders of your new truck. With option to have a back-lite.

Flex Riser Boxes

Keep your risers safe, secure & not taking up any valuable storage space.

Front Winch

Optional Front winch for both diesel and propane converted trucks

Back Up Camera

Safety is on everyone’s mind in the propane industry. The safety of the home and business owners will not be jeopardized as you can now see a 360 degree of your propane boom truck

Outrigger Pads

Stuck in the mud?! Not any more, with two options of Outrigger pads. Aluminum and hard plastic outrigger pads keep you truck a-float. Keep your tank setting on a stable platform.

Cone Holder

Safety is a priority when you are maneuvering 1,000 gallon tanks. By adding a cone holder you save storage space while still keeping all your safety equipment stored away.

Propane Conversion

Fisk propane conversion offers superior saving to our conventional diesel trucks with a gas engine converted to run on propane.

Fisk Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Add to your mobile office with a convenient air compressor inside your TX-1 toolbox.

Light Package

Not only does Fisk offer custom fenders, but also the option to light up your logo or company name.