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Propane Service Trucks

Running a successful propane tank service and installation business begins with truck durability and design, and Fisk Tank Carrier is proud to excel in both.

For decades, our team of engineers has been providing innovative designs that serve as a great foundation to begin creating a truck that precisely fits your business needs.

We Sell Trucks Built to Last

Fisk manufactures each propane truck for sale in the USA with only the highest quality components. Aluminum beds resist the unsightly rust and corrosion that weakens their steel-based counterparts. Our trucks come complete with cross and top members made of sturdy composite. Secure your load with peace of mind using the E-Track tie-down straps and systems attached to upright rails. Each of our boom trucks also includes nine D-ring tie downs rated for 5,000 pounds for added safety.

Composite decking protects your aluminum bed while providing a skid-free and easy-to-clean surface for hauling propane tanks. Aluminum tank saddles come standard with non-marking bumpers and a D.O.T. exemption. We also offer optional front-mount winches with heavy-duty cables to prevent tangling issues.

Boom Trucks

Propane tank hauler trucks with booms are versatile workhorses for your business, made to set aboveground and underground tanks with equal precision. Two of Fisk’s industry-leading trucks are the TX-1 and the TX-2, and we designed both for easy one-person operation.

Style TX-1 includes the HIAB boom, while the TX-2 boasts a Liftmoore boom with hydraulic down- and outriggers. Each is capable of setting a 500-gallon tank out to 30 feet or a 1,000-gallon tank at 21 feet.

Custom Propane Service Truck Options

Fisk’s custom trucks are the solution if your business needs a more individualized option. Whether you are in the propane service and installation industry or another field that calls for a top-of-the-line vehicle, we offer a wide range of alternatives to make your truck work harder for you.

Some options for personalizing your service truck include:

  • Custom side racks: Choose stationary or fold-down racks to accommodate cylinders and cargo of differing sizes.
  • Backup cameras: Make it easier to prioritize safety with a full 360-degree view.
  • Light-up fenders: Use your truck like a rolling billboard with a custom stainless steel fender featuring an illuminated version of your company name or logo.
  • Propane conversions: Save even more money by changing over your gasoline-powered engine to one that runs on your product.
  • Additional conveniences: Add more versatility and flexibility by installing a Krug pump or air compressor on your truck.
  • Beavertail lift gates: Load cargo easily through the rear of the truck with a beaver-style tailgate. NOTE: Beavertails may not accommodate 1,000-gallon tanks.
  • Cone holders: Store safety cones conveniently with specially designed holders mounted to the truck.

Our design process begins with a consultation about your needs. From there, we’ll work together step by step to customize a truck that supports your operations while maximizing your profit and efficiency.

Trust Fisk for Your Propane Truck Needs

When you’re looking for a new tank hauler truck geared to serve your business — and customer — needs, trust Fisk Tank Carrier. Fisk has provided superior individualized service to hundreds of companies for decades. Contact one of our friendly experts today to start simplifying your daily work while maximizing your income.