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Propane Crane Truck – TX-3

Fisk custom Propane Service Trucks are extremely versatile. They make moving gas cylinders a single-person operation without the need for a trailer or other setting equipment. All Fisk trucks are designed to safely and securely carry anything you need. We are dedicated to giving you service trucks that offer versatility and efficiency.


Features of the TX-3 Long Range Propane Truck

Our high-capacity propane trucks come with several standard features for the body and storage.

Body Features

Numerous items come standard on the TX-3 truck. Some of the body features for the TX-3 include:

  • 16′-24′ aluminum bed: This bed has high-pressure composite decking as well.
  • Tanks: These trucks can hold five 1000 gallon tanks or ten 500 gallon tanks with a quad tank tie-down system.
  • Headache and side rack: These have E-track placements at 20 pounds, 33 pounds and 100 pounds tank positions.
  • Lighting: The TX-3 has L.E.D. lighting, adjustable spotlights and a backup signal.
  • Liftgate: These trucks have several gate options available, and they can come either with or without a trailer hitch.
  • Fire safety: The TX-3 comes with a 20 pound A, B, C fire extinguisher.
  • Lifting, tie-down straps and D.O.T. saddles: This truck has E-track straps and nonmarking bumpers.

Storage Features

Features of the storage compartments in the TX-3 include:

  • Boxes: The storage boxes can be full box or underbody, with configurations like double and triple door compartments.
  • Toolboxes: The toolboxes on the trucks have L.E.D. lights that let you work at any time of day or night.

Customization Options

At Fisk, we understand the importance of having a truck that best meets your needs. We give you several options for your custom high-capacity propane truck, including:

  • Propane conversion: Switch your gas-powered engine to a propane-operated one, allowing you to save money.
  • Benefits to add: Put a Krug pump, power inverter and air compressor on your truck for additional capabilities.
  • Branded and lighted fenders: Use your fenders for your company with branding and lights that illuminate the side of your truck.
  • Cone holders: Store safety cones in a specific location on your truck.
  • Cameras: Install several 360-degree backup cameras to increase safety.
  • Custom side racks: Haul cylinders and cargo of all sizes with fold-down or stationary racks.

The Fisk TX-3 for Your Competitive Edge

Why Choose a Fisk Truck?

Our teams have been working in the business for decades. We have the necessary experience to design and build custom long-range propane trucks for your company. Our teams provide personalized customer service to each client. We listen to you to understand your specific needs, then help you design a truck with all the features you need to work efficiently.

We make our trucks in the United States and provide warranties as well. Our high-quality products allow us to create corrosion-resistant, lightweight trucks with extended life spans. Our expert team at Fisk will walk you through the standard and customizable features of our TX-3 trucks when you get started.

Request a Quote for Your TX-3 Today

Fisk only builds service trucks that give you the competitive edge and profit you’re looking for. Design your custom propane truck today with our team. With the combination of our standard and customizable features, you can create a truck that serves several purposes at your job. Use your TX-3 for anything from transport and advertising to storage.

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