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FISK CUSTOM Service Trucks



Designed from the ground up
for the service truck industry.

FISK CUSTOM Propane Service Trucks are extremely versatile. They make transporting, loading, and unloading gas cylinders or anything else a simple, single-person operation without the need for a trailer or additional setting equipment.

The FISK Truck Bodies are designed
with your needs in mind.

Need to haul a single 1000-gallon or two 500-gallon propane tanks, plus everything necessary to install and service the tanks. Our FISK CUSTOM trucks can do that and more. All FISK trucks are designed to safely and securely carry anything you need.

Requires only ONE OPERATOR.

FISK CUSTOM service hauling trucks are an ideal addition to any propane or service business because they are easy to use and only require one operator. All cranes installed on FISK trucks are operated with remote control with some cranes having a continuous 360-degree rotation.

FISK trucks work harder, smarter and last.

We are dedicated to giving you service trucks that offer versatility, dependability, and efficiency.

FISK only builds service trucks that give you the competitive edge and the profit you’re looking for.