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Custom Propane Trucks

Buying a propane transport truck that fits your needs should be easy.

At Fisk Tank Carrier, our TX truck series is built to last and can handle propane tanks of varying sizes.

Each Fisk Tank Carrier comes with several standard features. However, our team knows you need more than standard to make your business grow.

A Truck Designed for Your Unique Needs

We offer numerous custom service truck bodies and more to help you create the ultimate vehicle for your needs.

There are four types of trucks in the TX series to help you maximize your profits:

Our trucks come with several standard body and storage features, including:

  • All-aluminum bed, ranging from 12 to 24 feet.
  • Headache racks.
  • L.E.D. lighting, backup signals and an adjustable spotlight.
  • Wheel chocks and holders made from aluminum.
  • 20-pound A, B, C fire extinguisher.
  • Lifting and tie-down straps.
  • Electronic PTO and pump.
  • Storage compartments.
  • L.E.D. lighted toolboxes.
All-aluminum bed
All-aluminum bed

Customize Your Truck

Customize your TX truck to meet your specific needs. Some of our personalization options for these trucks include:

  • Propane conversions: Switch the original engine for a propane-powered one to help save additional money.
  • Cone holders: Keep your safety cones within reach by storing them in a designated spot on your truck.
  • Custom side racks: Pick between stationary and pull-down racks to help you carry the cargo and cylinders you need easily.
  • Beavertail lift gates: Use a beavertail-style tailgate to make loading cylinders and other items through the rear of your truck a breeze.
  • Backup cameras: View 360 degrees around your truck with these additional cameras.
  • Fenders: Customize your fenders with your brand or make them light up to illuminate the sides of your truck for extra advertising.
  • Additions: Include an air compressor, Krug pump and more on your truck for more benefits.
Cone Holder
Cone Holder

Why Choose a Fisk Truck?

Fisk Tank Carrier has decades of experience working in this industry. We know how to build custom trucks that make transporting propane tanks easy and efficient. Work with our team for personalized customer service. We learn about your needs and specifications and help you design a truck that exceeds your desires. Fisk trucks are made in Wisconsin, and they come with a warranty for added purchase protection. They are composed of lightweight, corrosion-resistant materials to extend their life span. Allow our team to walk you through our standard and customizable features for our TX truck series today.

Request a Quote for Your Custom Service Truck Today

Let us help you make a custom service truck with storage. With our standard and customizable features, you can create a multifunctional truck to serve your business. It can help you with storage, transport, advertising and more. Your custom-designed truck can let you work more effectively with unique body features and added storage compartments.

If you’re ready to build your custom truck, request a quote from us online today.