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Adjust-A-Link 20 Foot


The Adjust-A-Link chain sling comes in 2 different sizes to accommodate your needs.

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20-Foot Adjustable Chain Sling

When excellent performance is a priority, you need a chain sling that can adapt to your needs. Fisk Tank Carrier offers a 20-foot Adjust-A-Link chain sling that is ready to attach to your crane to help lift your heaviest loads of propane.

A Lifting Chain Sling That Pulls Its Weight

High-tensile chain slings are strong and reliable, and they offer a high size-to-working-load ratio. With the right materials and construction, a relatively small chain sling can lift propane tanks and other heavy loads. This adjustable chain sling is ideal for lifting propane tanks up to 1,000 gallons — twice the capacity of our 14-foot chain sling. At 20 feet long and a weight of 18.07 pounds, this chain is ready to perform without weighing your crew down.

Adjust Your Chain Sling as Needed

This 20-foot chain sling is adjustable, so you can reposition the center plate to select the appropriate length of chain for the tank you need to lift. Changing the distance between the tank and the crane is simple. As a result, you can access a variety of tanks with a single tool.

All the Parts You Need for Excellent Performance

Fisk Tank Carrier is your source for custom trucks along with the parts, trailers and solutions you need to keep them on the job and performing their best. Shop our selection of lifting chain slings and other propane products today.

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Weight 18.07 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in