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Tool Box T Latch


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T-Handle Tool Box Latch

The toolboxes on your truck contain your livelihood — the equipment you need to do the job. That means it’s crucial to protect those boxes while ensuring you have easy access to their contents.

Keep your tools safe and secure in your truck by attaching a T-handle latch to your toolbox. Learn more about our T-handle latches.

T-Handle Latch for Truck Tool Box

Our T-handle latch has a slightly curved grip that’s comfortable and easy to grab. It attaches to the top of a truck’s toolbox and secures the lid of the box closed, increasing security and reducing the risk of theft. Adding the latch to your toolboxes protects your company’s assets and allows you to complete projects on time.

A securely closed toolbox is also a must if you want to protect your equipment while the truck is moving. The latch holds the box closed tightly so that the lid doesn’t fly open when you hit a bump in the road.

The T-handle latch is also key lockable with the option of adding a padlock for increased protection. It has an adjustable cam and a black polyimide finish and measures 6.5 by 5 by 4 inches. It weighs 0.32 pounds.

Order T-Handle Tool Box Latches Today

Fisk Tank Carrier has T-handle toolbox latches designed to close your truck’s toolboxes securely. Take the extra step to protect your valuable equipment and tools by ordering a toolbox latch today.

Contact us with any questions or to learn more about our latches.

Additional information

Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5 × 4 in