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Winch Gasket Kit


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Seal any open housings on your winch or propane tank with the Winch Gasket Kit from Fisk Tank Carrier.

Winch Gasket Kit

The Winch Gasket Kit features nine non-metallic gaskets. These products are resistant to many chemicals and perfect to use for high-temperature and high-pressure sealing applications. Winch gaskets are suitable winches on a trailer. They will prevent fluids from leaking out and water from getting in, so sealing your winch with our durable gaskets will prolong its life.

Propane Tank Gasket

Inspecting your propane tank O-ring for cracks or deterioration every time before use is essential. When your propane seal is damaged, it can cause a gas leak. Our winch gaskets are a reliable, long-lasting sealant perfect for a propane tank gasket replacement. In the kit, you will find a gasket that is easy to install and matches the size of your propane tank.

The Material

The Winch Gasket Kit has gaskets made with compressed non-asbestos fiber (CNAF). These gaskets are created using a sheet material containing a combination of fibers and a rubber binder, usually made from EPDM, nitrile, SBR or neoprene. The material offers chemical resistance and durability without the toxicity of asbestos fibers. CNAF gaskets can be used with oils, gases, solvents, dilute acids and different water temperatures.

Add Propane Tank Gaskets to Your Cart

When it comes to propane tanks, it is critical to have a dependable and long-lasting gasket. The Winch Gasket Kit provides a wide variety of seals that work well with propane tanks. Buy this helpful kit now or contact us to learn more about it!

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