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EZ Hauler Propane Tank Trailer

When you need a propane tank trailer, try our EZ Hauler. This trailer is a convenient, easy-to-use vehicle for the safe transport of propane tanks wherever you need to go. We designed it as a one-person propane service operation vehicle with numerous features that you can personalize. Create the trailer you need for your business with the help of the experienced Fisk Tank Carrier team.

Our high-quality products allow you to use this trailer for years to come. Build the propane trailer that meets your business’s unique needs with the help of our EZ Hauler trailer’s customizable features.

Features of the EZ Hauler

This trailer was designed to have a safe and easy one-person operation due to its “bunk free” process. It can lift, transport and set above ground and underground tanks ranging from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons. The EZ Hauler comes standard with stainless steel fenders and boxes as well as a powder-coated frame to deter rust in all possible locations. Some of the other standard features of the EZ Hauler include:

  • It is designed for above-ground and underground LP Tanks.
  • It can pick and set up to 500-gallon empty tanks “off-the-tail” with a paint-saving pulley rail system.
  • You can have a single color paint choice.
  • It has O.T. electric brakes, a lighting system and a hitch.
  • It has a powerful dual drum electric winch for level lifting.
  • It has a sturdy, eight-point tank suspension system.
  • It comes with ratchet straps for fast securing and safe transport.
  • It has an open yoke design that clears the LP Tank Apparatus.
  • It has a heavy-duty, smooth ride suspension system.
  • It has enclosed fenders and mudflaps.
  • It has a separate battery and toolbox.
  • It comes fully assembled and “ready-to-roll.”

Stock Trailer Options

We have several options that come with our stock trailers, such as:

  • Single winch.
  • Stainless steel fenders and boxes.
  • Custom powder coat color choice.
  • Wired remote.

360-Degree Rotation

Start using your Fisk Trailer as a one-person setting operation. Using our patented lifting tail, you can lift a 5% full 500-gallon tank. The lifting and maneuverability of our trailer allow for servicing your tanks with ease. You can replace blocks, inspect problem areas, and more using only a single-operator Fisk trailer. They offer 360-degree rotation, which can make completing your job that much easier.

*EZ-HD trailer shown with additional upgrades

Customization Options for the EZ Hauler

If you want to personalize your EZ Hauler propane service trailer, we offer several options. Some of our upgrades include:

  • Dual winch: You can increase your lifting ability with a dual winch instead of a singular one.
  • Wireless remote: You can get the wireless remote for easier usage with either the single or dual winch trailer.
  • Setting block carrier: You can add one of these to your trailer to carry the setting blocks with ease.
  • Charging kit: You can charge the battery for the operating winch to a vehicle wire harness.
block carrierfinal red

Setting Block Carrier

Storage an issue? Add a block carrier to your trailer to conveniently transport your tank and your setting blocks.

dual winch motors 2021

Dual Winch

Dual winch allows for extra speed and increased lifting capabilities.

charging kit fisk trailer

Charging Kit

Upgrade option that ties the battery, for operating winch, to a vehicle wire-harness. Not included with stock trailer

blue remote 2

Wireless Remote

*NEW wireless remote option for both the single and dual winch fisk EZ-HD trailers!

Why Choose a Trailer From Fisk Tank Carrier?

We have worked in the propane transportation industry since the 1980s, building durable and highly functional trucks and trailers. We have determined the best features for one-person propane installation operations. Our goal is to help you succeed in the most efficient and effective way.

Our team is proud to offer personalized customer service. We will sit down with you and determine which features you need on your trailer. Our experts work with you to come up with a design that suits your company’s best interests. All our trailers are made and assembled in the United States and come with a warranty for added purchase protection. Learn all about our custom propane tank trailers with the help of our knowledgeable team.

Request a Quote for Your EZ Hauler Today

Our job at Fisk Tank Carrier is to help you find the propane tank trailer that works best for you. We will help you discover which features work best, ranging from our standard options to customizable add-ons. Our team knows how to make your EZ Hauler yours, whether you want to upgrade to a wireless remote or add a charging kit.

We look forward to creating the best propane tank trailer for your business. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote or learn more about our EZ Hauler trailer.