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Right-Hand Trailer Torsion Axle Kit

Propane trailers need suspension to make smooth runs. We design axle torsion kits that keep your trailer stable on the road. Our team at Fisk Tank Carrier uses years of experience to provide axles that can help you become a reliable supplier to your propane customers.

Installing a torsion axle offers an array of benefits. This axle allows wheels to move independently and offers better trailer handling by reducing trailer bucking and swaying. A torsion axle also requires minimal maintenance as there are fewer moving pieces—no brushings, greased bolts or shackles to worry about. These axles are designed with the suspension system as part of the axle, and they will endure tough terrain as we bolt these axles securely to the underside of the trailer frame.

Trailer Torsion Axle Kit Features

A torsion axle consists of a long hollow square tube with an inner bar held in place by four rubber cords for superb shock absorption. Safely secure a torsion axle directly onto a trailer frame and attach it to the spindle with a trailer axle assembly kit.

Our trailer axle assemblies weigh 116 pounds and measure 21 × 17 × 14 inches, big enough to fit Fisk Tank Carrier trailer wheels. Our axle kits are built with absolute durability for long-lasting performance.

Buy a Right-Hand Torsion Axle Kit Today

Trust Fisk Tank Carrier to provide you with sturdy axle kits.  Since the 1980s, we’ve offered premium products and outstanding customer service — experience the Fisk Tank Carrier difference today. Purchase your kit now or contact our friendly team online for more information about our axle kits and shipping procedure. Feel free to check out our left-hand torsion axle kit.

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Weight 116 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 14 in