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5 Benefits of Using Propane in Your Home

Propane is an efficient, nontoxic and easy way to transport fuel with a lower carbon footprint than gasoline and petroleum diesel. Homeowners can enjoy cost-effective savings on fuel while having peace of mind that their loved ones and pets are safe from exposure to harmful toxins. 

There are five main benefits to powering your home appliances, heat and other amenities with propane. The propane professionals at Fisk Tank Carrier have written this walkthrough to help you consider the switch to propane. 

How Propane Can Help Homeowners as an Energy Source

Propane is an invaluable fuel source for homeowners with many benefits. This alternative fuel is safe, economical and easy to access. There are six main benefits that reveal how propane can improve your power resources today. 

1. Versatile

Propane is one of the most versatile fuel types for power. Almost anything in your home can safely and efficiently run on propane with the proper setup. 

Just a few examples of residential applications for propane include: 

  • Space Heating
  • Cooking
  • Pool Heating
  • Generator Power
  • Outdoor Grills
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2. Convenient

Propane comes from natural sources like natural gas and petroleum, which are easily found in the United States (US). Almost 90% of the propane that we use in the US is a domestic resource. It’s also low maintenance and simple to transport to any part of the country since it’s simply liquid under pressure. There are about 70,000 miles of interstate pipelines that transport propane throughout the US so you can always access this resource when you need it. 

3. Eco-Friendly

Propane is a high-energy, clean-burning source of alternative fuel. It’s an excellent choice for applications like powering a home appliance. Traditional fuel sources like gasoline and diesel create sulfur dioxide and particulates. Using these dirty fuels can cause soot buildup on your appliances and produce harmful emissions for the environment. 

4. Safe

Propane is also a low emissions and high octane form of fuel. In other words, it does not produce harmful gasses and requires a much hotter temperature to catch fire than traditional fuel. It’s also nontoxic, insoluble in water and doesn’t spill or leave residue since it’s a gas.

5. Cost-Effective

Propane is far more cost effective than many traditional sources of fuel. For example, propane has twice the energy efficiency of natural gas. Easy access and more fuel efficiency means that propane is an inexpensive way to operate your appliances and heat your home. 

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