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Investing in a Propane Service Trailer

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Table of Contents
1. What To Look for When Purchasing a Propane Service Trailer
2. How To Choose a Propane Service Trailer

Investing in a propane service trailer can be a smart move for businesses or individuals who need to transport propane for commercial or personal use. Propane service trailers are designed to safely and efficiently transport propane tanks from one location to another, making them essential for industries like agriculture, construction and propane delivery. 

With so many different types of propane service trailers on the market, we’re here to help with key factors to consider when purchasing a trailer. Whether you’re a seasoned propane industry professional or a first-time buyer, find the information you need to make an informed decision below. 

What to Look for When Purchasing a Propane Service Trailer

The following considerations will help you choose a new propane tank service trailer that meets your needs and provides many years of use for your business: 

Purpose and Capacity

Consider the propane service trailer’s capacity, which determines how much propane the trailer can hold and transport. If the trailer’s capacity is too small, you may have to refill it frequently, resulting in costly downtime. If the trailer’s capacity is too large for your needs, you’ll spend more than necessary to purchase and operate it.

Choose a trailer with a capacity appropriate for how frequently you’ll use it, how much propane you need it to hold and how far it will travel. 

Trailer Type

Manufacturers produce different types of propane tank trailers for various applications, including the following: 

  • Tank service trailers: Propane companies use these trailers to set, move and haul propane tanks. They’re heavy-duty and customizable — you can equip them with features like hydraulic lifts and custom cabinetry to make them easier to handle and more efficient to operate. 
  • Transport trailers: These trailers are ideal for transporting large propane quantities over long distances. They’re designed to meet strict safety standards and come with customizable features. You can configure your propane transport trailer in various ways, such as tandem, tridem or quad-axle designs. 
  • Cylinder service trailers: These trailers are a great choice for transporting and servicing propane cylinders. They’re lightweight and maneuverable, perfect for servicing propane cylinders at customer locations. You can outfit your propane cylinder service trailer with features like custom shelving and toolboxes for greater efficiency. 

The trailer type you choose should depend on the size and weight of the load you plan to carry. You should also consider the vehicle you’ll use to tow the trailer and ensure it’s compatible with the trailer type.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when dealing with propane, as it’s a highly flammable gas that users must handle properly to minimize risk. Look for trailers with safety features that help prevent accidents and mitigate fire or explosion risk.

Likewise, ensure the trailer is built with high-quality materials and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and use on rugged terrain. These features can help prevent accidents and ensure the trailer is safe.

Fisk Tank Carrier’s EZ-HD Hauler offers the ultimate in safety and usability. This propane tank trailer is designed to hoist, transfer and place tanks above or below ground ranging from 120- to 1,000 gallons. With a powder-coated, rust-resistant frame and bunk-free process that allows for safe and easy one-person operation, the Fisk EZ-HD Hauler is an asset to your fleet. It also comes with various standard and customizable features for extended functionality, including picking up and setting tanks up to 500 gallons.  

Compliance with Regulations

Because of its volatile nature, government bodies and other agencies highly regulate propane and the equipment used to handle it. You’ll want to ensure your trailer complies with all regulations and industry safety standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These standards ensure the trailer can withstand the rigors of transporting propane safely. 

Propane service trailer manufacturers often provide information about their products’ safety features and certifications. Ask to see this information, and verify the trailer has safety equipment and is labeled properly. Paying attention to safety during the purchasing process helps prepare you to pass DOT inspections. 

Manufacturer Reputation

The trailer manufacturer’s reputation should be a focus because the quality of the trailer and the level of customer support the manufacturer provides can significantly impact the trailer’s safety and reliability. 

A reputable manufacturer is more likely to produce a high-quality propane service trailer that meets safety standards and performs for years. They’re also more likely to provide excellent customer service, including technical assistance, warranty support and replacement parts to help keep your trailer in good working order over time. 

Choose a propane service trailer from a manufacturer with a history of producing high-quality trailers. Look for reviews and feedback from previous customers to ensure you buy from a reliable source. A reputable manufacturer uses high-quality materials and experienced professionals to design durable, long-lasting trailers.

How to Choose a Propane Service Trailer That Lasts

When you invest in a new propane tank trailer, you want it to last as long as possible so you, your operators and your customers get the best value. The following considerations will help you choose a trailer that’s durable, dependable and built to last. 

Material Quality

The quality of the materials used to build the propane service trailer is an essential factor to consider. Look for a trailer built with high-quality parts that are durable and long-lasting. The frame, axles and suspension system should be made of heavy-duty materials that can withstand rough road conditions and the weight of the propane cylinders. 

Welding and Fabrication

The trailer’s welding and fabrication are also key considerations. Look for a trailer welded and fabricated by experienced professionals using high-quality welding techniques. Poor welding can lead to weak spots in the trailer, which can cause it to fail over time.

Maintenance Requirements

It’s worthwhile to consider a propane service trailer’s maintenance requirements before buying. Look for a trailer that’s easy to maintain and requires minimal upkeep to ensure it remains in good condition for many years. Otherwise, you may spend valuable time and money on service and repairs. 

Fisk Tank Carrier Is Your Go-To for a New Propane Tank Trailer

Fisk is your best solution when you need a propane service trailer or any other equipment related to propane transport. We even carry a range of propane products to help you get the most out of your new investment. We’ve been manufacturing American-made, custom-solution trucks and trailers for servicing and installing propane tanks since the 1980s. Request a quote today or give us a call at (920) 623-3979 for more information on our products!