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Advice to Someone Starting a Career in the Propane Industry

Advice to Someone Starting a Career in the Propane Industry

One challenge people face is starting a new career. Some do it out of need, while others begin their careers and seek gainful, rewarding employment. Either way, the propane industry has been a solution for many. 

A group of industry veterans recently gave some general advice for those transitioning or entering the field:

  • Have a positive attitude: Embracing growth opportunities helps change or entry go more smoothly.
  • Ask questions: Someone else likely has them, and you’ll both benefit from extra learning.
  • Be prepared to be part of a close-knit family: The propane industry, while growing, remains a close community of hands-on, involved people.

Get ready to start your propane career with industry guidance from Fisk.

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Why Choose a Career in the Propane Industry?

The propane industry attracts many talented people today for various reasons.

Job Security

Propane is an essential commodity for millions of businesses and homes. It helps power the petrochemical, industrial and transportation sectors. Almost 12 million homes use propane for primary heat in the residential market, and millions more rely on it for smaller devices such as grills. 

Experts predict the market will continue to grow at more than 4% a year, compounded. That creates increased job security for new propane drivers, customer service representatives, salespeople and service technicians.


With the market growth comes more opportunities to get involved in the industry. As the existing workforce ages and retires, new openings occur at an increased rate. Evolving technology has also created a need for more industry-specific solutions and qualified personnel to design, implement and service them.

On-the-job training means you can get involved sooner and have ample advancement possibilities. Today, many companies recruit, hire and train team members without requiring a 4-year college degree.

Personal Satisfaction

Many propane industry workers feel rewarded with their jobs. Keeping families warm, helping businesses operate and protecting the environment with a clean energy source are just a few ways our teams feel they make a difference.

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